Trademark Guidelines

InkVine and certain graphics, logos, badges, designs, and button icons are trademarks, service marks and trade dress of Big Cat Interactive, Inc. ("InkVine", "we" or "us") in the United States and other countries, (the "InkVine Marks"). We support and encourage ideas, services, tools and other creative works that use and supplement the InkVine services but we're required to protect our reputation and brand identity and ask you to follow these guidelines.

If you don't agree to follow these guidelines, you don't have a right to, and shouldn't, use the InkVine Marks. To help us address future branding concerns, we may modify these guidelines from time to time without notice to you. You're responsible for following any modified terms, so you should review these guidelines and become familiar with any modifications we make.

We protect our marks because Trademark law in the U.S. and other jurisdictions requires mark-holders to protect against improper or confusingly similar use of their marks, so that end users aren't misled about the origin and endorsement of products and services. In some cases, mark-holders can lose their trademarks if they don't protect them.

General Guidelines


  • Use the InkVine Marks to refer our services and website, and anything else we offer.
  • Make sure the InkVine Marks stand out in some way when you use them, and particularly make sure to at least capitalize both words "InkVine."


  • Don't incorporate the InkVine Marks, or anything confusingly similar, into domain names, screen names, website names, trademarks, trade names, company names, DBAs, etc. and don't use the InkVine Marks as part of the name for a product or service not offered by InkVine, unless we have given express permission.
  • Don't modify or alter the InkVine Marks, like by adding to, changing or abbreviating the InkVine Marks to create new words (for example, "InkVine-ly).
  • Don't use the InkVine Marks in a way that suggests incorrectly that InkVine is affiliated with, sponsors or endorses you, your websites, your products or your services.
  • Don't use other trademarks, service marks, designs, trade dress or logos that might be confusingly similar to the InkVine Marks or the look and feel of InkVine's services. For example, using three-or-more-letter aspects of the word "InkVine" as the name of your product or service may be confusing to some users.
  • Appearance

    When you use the InkVine Marks, you should make sure your use is consistent with how InkVine uses the InkVine Marks in similar media. We might provide you with guidelines on size, typeface, colors and other graphic characteristics of the InkVine Marks, and those should be considered part of these guidelines.

    Other Specific Guidelines

    InkVine Merchandise

    You shouldn't use the InkVine Marks on any merchandise without our permission. If you have great ideas for InkVine merchandise, send us an e-mail to