Help Guide

Setting Up an Account:

Step 1: Choose Personal or Business by clicking the tab.

Step 2: Fill out information. The username will be linked to your account creating your vanity url for your profile page. For Example- Share this link for others to see all of your links.

Step 3: Select Membership Method Monthly or Yearly by clicking the tab.

Step 4: Select Free or Paid by clicking the box.

Step 5: Payment if you did not select Free account and would like to have a paid membership you are able to keep or change the suggested price amount. The minimum is $0.99/Month or $9.99/Year.

Step 6: Once you have finished the above you will receive a confirmation email. Click to verify your email address and your account will be setup!

Subscription Fees:

InkVine offers two types of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Free $0/month
  • Paid membership you choose the price! Monthly minimum $0.99 | Yearly minimum $9.99
  • 10% of the proceeds will go to our selected Charities.

Profile Setup:

How do I add a profile image?

Click on the Edit Profile section, then click browse to select your image file. Once you open the image remember to click save changes. The image will resize to 400x400 keep in mind the image will be cropped in a circle.

How do I add social links?

Click on the Social Links section, then click the +Add New icon. You will see all the links that are available. Simply click on the icon you want to add. You will then see two grey boxes notice the first box has the website link make sure to match your social media page with the correct link. Some websites have additional letters, numbers, and sometimes symbols for your profile page.

How do I edit my social links?

Go to the Social Links section and click on the icon you have added. You then can edit the username. Remember to click save.

Other Questions?

If you ever have any questions or experience any issues you can allows reach us at